Discussion develops interest and impact. With that in mind, the Launch Kit line of Bible Study lessons are designed to help Jr. High and High School Students dig into Scripture by igniting meaningful conversations within a large or small group setting. Each series is comprised of lesson plans for leaders full of probing questions targeted at today’s youth. Perfect for Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings, or weekly small groups.





Prove It (Download)

This three week Bible study will dig into why our faith can be trusted based on prophecy, history, and statistics.

All around us we see a world that is increasingly anti-Christian and anti-faith. We are constantly bombarded by attacks by scoffers that our beliefs are unfounded and not based in any facts or evidence.

This could not be any further from the truth.

During this study, students will look at why they can trust their faith and how they can defend their faith from those who want to undermine it. They will begin to understand that the Bible can be proven true based history and statistics. The bottom line is this: the Christian faith is a reasonable faith.

This download consists of a teacher’s guide for the 3-lesson Prove It study.



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